About us


Regent Valuers International (K) Ltd was incorporated in Kenya in 1995. Regent is now a well-established full-service valuation and real property consultancy company operating at the forefront of the Kenyan property market.

The Company has acquired an excellent reputation and the trust of a number of the country’s leading property owners, commercial banks and individuals. Its market share is continually growing.

The valuation team is headed by Mr. Stephen Katei the General Manager of Regent Valuers International (K) Limited; Mr. Katei has over 15 years of experience in real estate and valuation consultancy.

As a result of this wealth of experience and a large portfolio of properties being continuously valued, Regent Valuers has acquired an extensive database on a wide range of properties throughout the country. It has access to such a unique property database that enables Regent Valuers to analyze market conditions rapidly in order to provide informed forecasts of trends in supply, demand, prices, rents and other aspects of property investment to its various clients.

As a result of our long existence, Regent Valuers has produced and mentored a huge group of valuers over time, some are still working with us and some have transitioned to running their own companies. As a company, we are proud of inculcating leadership and integrity to our team of valuers.

Our Mission

“Providing you with a full spectrum of real estate valuation and advisory services through topnotch professionals and processes while leveraging on technology for the benefit of all stakeholders”

Our Vision

“To be a Market leader in providing reliable, accurate and timely asset valuations and real estate advisory services”

Our Core Values


We  manage our business based on sound knowledge, skill and experience while maintaining honesty, transparency and accountability in our team.

Responsible citizenship:

We nurture strong social responsibility and strive to protect and preserve the environment in which we operate.

Collaborative team spirit:

We work as team with unity of purpose, active participation, cooperation and sharing ideas and information.
Creativity and innovation: We shall continuously nurture creativity and new ideas as the basis for creating new value for our customers as well as new/improved products and services.

Customer Focus:

We anticipate what our customers need and most importantly endeavor to surpass their expectations. We are responsive and committed in all our engagements with customers.


We are dedicated to building a team where every individual is recognized for their unique socio-cultural orientation and contributions.